How to Clean Your Handmade Wool Rug at Home?


If you own a handmade wool rug or carpet you must have tried many tips and tricks and DIY methods of cleaning it. Most of the home-based methods are the time taken and required much effort.

In this blog, we will discuss easy ways and quick tips and tricks which you can use to clean your handmade rug at home, and also it will increase the lifetime of your valuable handmade rug.

As a wool rug or carpet is one of the best investments you can make for your house’s interior design. To maintain a wool rug’s smooth texture, color, or pattern and to make sure it lasts for many years, you must know how to properly clean a wool rug. Even the most careful homeowners may spill something on a wool rug, and regardless of whether it is one of your living room rugs, in a bedroom, or another area, it will need regular cleaning along with other floors.

Simple Rug Cleaning Tricks and Tips

If you don’t have much time to spare from your daily activities, the tips we’re about to share with you will not only help you easily clean and maintain your rug, but they will also boost the lifespan of your new rug Handmade Oushak Rugs, Persian rugs, Bokhara rugs, and many valuable handmade Pakistani rugs.

  1. Shake It out
  2. Use Vinegar and Water Solution
  3. Shampoo Your Wool Rug

Don’t let your rug lay there gathering all the dust and pollution if you don’t have time to vacuum it 2-3 times per week. In addition to making your rug appear old and unclean, dust particles can harm the rug’s fibers, it will make your handmade rug look old earlier.

All you need to do is just take your area rug outside and give it a good, hard shake. It is the simplest and fastest approach to getting rid of dirt. Even a broomstick will work to remove dust from the rug. To do this, hang the rug over a wall or railing and repeatedly beat it with a broomstick to send dust flying.

The oil and grease from your wool rug can be removed using vinegar, a great natural liquid. Pour a solution made consisting of one cup of vinegar and two cups of water onto the stains on your rug. After letting it sit for around 30 minutes, scrub any dirty spots with an old toothbrush or other cleaning materials.

To clean your Oushak rugs or any other handmade rug at home you can always use the manufacturer’s suggested shampoo or a wool rug product. As an alternative, combine a cup of mild, non-biological laundry detergent with a cup of cold water.

But be very careful! As wool can be highly absorbent so never overwet a wool rug when shampooing it. Just dampen a white microfiber cloth and work in the direction of the fibers, and dab gently – never scrub. You’ll have to spend extra time on any areas where there’s heavy soiling and you should rewet the cloth with your cleaning solution as necessary while avoiding getting the rug wet.

Isn’t it easy to clean a wool rug by yourself?

So let’s enhance the beauty of your home and buy Oushak rugs online or you can also use kilim rugs as they are also super easy to clean due to their flat weaving pattern. Go and check out Oushak rugs on sale and simply add them to your interior to uplift that boring area of your home.

But, do not forget to always check any label before you start the cleaning procedure of your handmade rug at home, as it is essential to follow the manufacturer’s instructions to keep it in excellent shape.

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