Make the revolution with Makeup Revolution at NORMAL.


New day – new expression. Your face is the ultimate canvas, and every day is a new opportunity to achieve a masterpiece.

However, this can quickly become an expensive affair if you want to empower yourself to express yourself creatively. Putting on makeup should be fun and experimental rather than expensive and burdensome. That’s why, at NORMAL, we’ve put together a wide selection of products from the makeup revolution brand.

With Makeup Revolution products, you can apply light makeup every day, or let off steam with total glamour. However you brush, Makeup Revolution has the products for you.

Makeup Revolution palettes for those who don’t want to have to choose

Whether you want to do a contouring contest with Kim K, or just want to give the illusion of bronzed skin, Makeup Revolution has the palette for you. At first glance, choosing the right products for your look might seem a bit overwhelming, but Makeup Revolution has made it easy: the palettes are made up of exactly the colors you need to define your face and highlight your attributes.

The colors can be used crosswise, allowing you to mix and match them as you wish.
Dance the night away with Makeup Revolution Few things are as frustrating as shoddy makeup. That’s why Makeup Revolution has invested many hours in developing long-lasting makeup. You can thus create the craziest looks with a “halo cut crease” or even with a classic “smokey eye”.

In short, you can create many different looks with Makeup Revolution, and imagination is your only limit. Finally, you can get rid of your panda eyes at any time. Makeup Revolution is here for you.
Beauty has many faces

Makeup Revolution has products for each of them. Makeup Revolution believes that quality makeup should be accessible to everyone, regardless of gender, age, ethnicity. At Normal, we agree.

Makeup Revolution makes makeup for diversity, and that’s what makes the brand’s DNA. The ranges often change according to current trends, your wishes and your needs. Buy Now!

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