Do you feel lost in front of so many choices of foundation shades? What shade should I choose for my skin?
The maybelline fit me Matte+Poreless Foundation and the Maybelline Superstay Full Coverage Foundation are some of the best liquid foundations that are dermatologically tested and suitable for different skin types. Fit Me Tinted Moisturizer delivers a fresh, natural look and 12 hours of hydration thanks to aloe! Perfect for all skin types – even sensitive skin.

This is completely normal and we will help you see it much more clearly. So make yourself comfortable and take something to write down!
First, you should know that we all have skin types (dry skin, combination skin, or oily skin) and skin tones specific to each.

To choose your shade, you must already start looking at your skin tone. Each woman has her own skin tone, there is no pre-established rule, but here are some general points to help you:

  • Light complexion: light blond or red hair, very light eyes and light skin tone
  • Medium Skin Tone: Blonde to chestnut hair, green to hazel eyes and medium skin tone
  • Dark Skin Tone: Brown to black hair with dark eyes and dark skin tone

Then comes the notion of undertones which is essential and should not be overlooked. Indeed, there are several undertones: pink, yellow, golden, olive, neutral etc. This will help you select your Maybelline foundation well and avoid the mask and unnatural side that can be had when applying it.
Our tips for defining your undertone:

  • There are several tips but the most relevant and simple to use is the following: Observe your veins in your wrist.
    If the veins have a greenish color, you have warm, golden undertones. It will therefore be necessary to favor the shades of golden foundations (golden ivory, golden bronze, golden brown, dark golden).
  • Conversely, if you have purple/blue veins, you are more likely to have cold and pink undertones and therefore it is advisable to favor pink foundation shades (pink ivory, pink beige, brown classic).
    For those who have neutral skin shade undertones, it is true that it is not obvious at first glance. It’s a bit of a hybrid form of golden and pink undertones with a wrist that will sport blue / purple and green veins at the same time. At this point, go for a foundation that has a neutral undertone (natural ivory, sand, classic brown, café au laity).
    Here you have our tips for choosing the right shade of foundation and therefore no more excuses for not having a perfect complexion! Buy Now!

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