The rectangular rug, modern and design!


The handmade rectangle rugs for sale is the reference in terms of layout and decoration. We have chosen for you more than 300 carpet models from our best partner manufacturers. Through multiple combinations of shapes, materials and colors, you will find the rectangular rug that will sublimate your interior.

A rectangular rug to dress up any interior

Even if they can be round, square, oval or even in an original shape, when we think of carpets, we immediately imagine rectangular geometric shapes, essential references in interior decoration for many years. Indeed, what could be easier than a classic rectangle rug to adapt to all the rooms of the house? Whether it is a living room rug, a bedroom rug or even a rug to put under the dining room table, the rectangle is essential. In addition, the rectangular carpets available in a large number of sizes, from a small bedside rug to a majestic living room rug of more than 20 m². Its popularity is also due to the fact that designers are particularly fond of this format and adapt it to infinity through the most diverse materials and patterns. Classic floral rugs rub shoulders with more sober Scandinavian rugs, vintage-style rugs, not to mention the famous shaggy rugs that are so soft for a warm atmosphere! 

All sizes, materials and colors for an original rug

Whether you are looking for a large midnight blue rug with floral motifs and long pile or, on the other hand, a small hand-woven woolen rug in soft colors and geometric patterns, you will find your ideal rug in our wide range. Indeed, the team selects the best from the collections of its partner suppliers to offer rectangular rugs in several sizes for indoors and outdoors. In recent years, for indoors and outdoors, in addition to traditional materials such as wool or cotton, we have integrated natural materials such as jute, seagrass and particularly resistant sisal carpet for a terrace, a veranda or even an office. To match your rug to the contemporary interior decoration of your designer living room, you can also find leather rugs on which you can walk barefoot with happiness. Look for harmony with the coffee table in your modern living room, the table in your stylish dining room, your wallpaper, your sofas, armchairs, chairs and curtains. The thickness is also a criterion of choice: opt for the softness of a shaggy rug with long strands or prefer the simplicity of a flat-woven and handmade Kilim rugs for sale which will bring a touch of fantasy and imagination. And warm up the atmosphere.

The rectangular rug: the reference for made-to-measure

The classic shape of the rectangular carpet does not exclude the fantasy of realization. Indeed, we offer to make rugs to your measurements, whether you are a professional or a private individual, whether you are looking for a large prestigious rug for a luxury residence or a multicolored patchwork rug to enhance the entrance of a head office. Rugs in cotton, wool, acrylic, short pile or long pile and in all the colors of the rainbow, we can find the exact size and color you are looking for. Different finishes such as simple overlock, braid or wide braid are also possible to complete the production of a synthetic rug: polypropylene or acrylic polyamide.

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